Gang Wang and Others

Gang Wang and Others

Gang Wang and Others 14-10

All four people charged in the case have been sentenced. Three received jail sentences and one received home detention. 

  • Gang (Richard) Chen sentenced to six years’ imprisonment; Zongliang (Charly) Jiang sentenced to four years and nine months’ imprisonment; Kang Xu sentenced to 12 months’ home detention on 3 August.

  • Three remaining defendants, Kang Xu (aka Yan (Jenny) Zhang), Gang (Richard) Chen and Zongliang (Charly) Jiang, convicted of fraud on 15 June.

  • Trial commences for the three remaining defendants.

  • Kang (Thomas) Huang, also known as Gang Wang, sentenced to four years and seven months' imprisonment on 9 February. 

  • Name suppression lifted.

  • Charges laid, name suppression and other suppressions in place.

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