Parengarenga 3G Trust

Parengarenga 3G Trust
A case reaches prosecution stage when charges are laid. There may be a number of hearings during this stage and name suppression may stay in place. The SFO will announce if guilty pleas are entered. If not, the case will go to trial.

Parengarenga 3G Trust 2014-440

A former trustee of the Parengarenga 3G Trust, Stephen James Henare, has been sentenced to five years and two months' imprisonment. Mr Henare's sister and also a former trustee of the P3G Trust, Margaret Dixon, pleaded guilty and was sentenced in 2018 to defrauding the trust that manages a commercial forest. To view our latest media release regarding this case, please click here.  

  • Stephen Henare sentenced to five years and two months' imprisonment at the High Court in Auckland on 28 August.

  • Stephen Henare pleads guilty to five counts of ‘Theft by person in special relationship’ and one count of 'Attempting to pervert the course of justice' on 23 May. 

  • Jury trial of Stephen Henare scheduled to commence at High Court in Auckland on 20 May.

  • Margaret Dixon sentenced to 12 months’ home detention and ordered to $5000 in reparation.

  • Stephen Henare due to appear in the Auckland District Court for a case review hearing on 23 May.

  • Margaret Dixon pleads guilty to three representative charges of ‘Theft by person in special relationship’ under the Crimes Act at the Auckland District Court.

  • Stephen Henare and Margaret Dixon charged with 'Theft by person in special relationship'. Ms Dixon yet to make first appearance in the Auckland District Court.

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