Statement of Intent

The Statement of Intent (SOI) is a document which outlines the responsibilities of the SFO, the nature and scope of our function and our objectives as an agency working within the Justice Sector. Agencies are required to set out the strategic objectives that they intend to achieve or contribute to and also explain how they intend to assess their performance (Performance Measures).

SOIs are produced at a minimum every three years. Previous SFO SOIs are available to download below.

Statement of Intent 2014 - 18 (current)

Statement of Intent 2013 - 16

Statement of Intent 2012 - 15

Statement of Intent 2011 - 14

Statement of Intent 2010 - 13

Statement of Intent 2009

Statement of Intent 2008

Statement of Intent 2007

Statement of Intent 2006

Statement of Intent 2005

Integrated Statement of Strategic Intent

Amendments to the Public Finance Act 1989 and the Crown Entities Act 2004 still require agencies to focus on what is most meaningful and useful for external reporting but the options are now less prescriptive in how this was previously done in the SOIs. For the first time, the SFO is now combining our SOI with our Four Year Business Plan and creating the Integrated Statement of Strategic Intent.

This document will be published after Budget Day.

Integrated Statement of Strategic Intent 2016-2020

Justice Sector Strategic Intent

Communicating our strategic priorities widely across the Justice Sector.

Justice Sector Strategic Intent 2018