Report a fraud

Our purpose is to protect New Zealand’s economic and financial wellbeing. We achieve this through our mission of disrupting and deterring serious fraud and corruption.

Our potential reach is broad, with the authority to investigate matters in both the private and public sectors and across all industries. We must therefore be strategic in deciding where we commit our unique expertise.

Our Statement of Intent for 2023-2027 reflects our goal to use our specialised resources to achieve the greatest impact. Our strategic priorities are intended to ensure every action we take amplifies our contribution to New Zealand. They are:

  • Case Impact: Target cases that have the greatest potential impact, maximising the SFO’s specialist expertise.
  • Prevention: Lift counter fraud and corruption capability in the New Zealand public sector.
  • Connection: Enhance stakeholder engagement and system contribution – domestic and international.
  • Future-proof capability: Invest in our people and infrastructure to meet and anticipate our operating environment.

Statement of Intent 2023-27