The SFO must be careful not to say anything that might compromise an ongoing investigation or a matter that is proceeding through the Court. 

Case status guide


We'll provide confirmation of investigations when appropriate - usually, this would not be until charges are laid and name suppression is not an issue. There will be some exceptions if the SFO’s involvement is already in the public arena, or if public cooperation is required.


A case reaches prosecution stage when charges are laid. There may be a number of hearings during this stage and name suppression may stay in place. The SFO will announce if guilty pleas are entered. If not, the case will go to trial.

In Trial

Trial dates and locations will be announced when they are available. The SFO will not comment on anything that might compromise a matter that is proceeding through the court.

Current cases

Barry Kloogh

Barry Kloogh has been sentenced to almost nine years' imprisonment for running a Ponzi scheme.

Bryan Martin and Others

Four property investors have pleaded not guilty to deceiving banks into providing loans for the purchase of residential properties

CBL Insurance Ltd

Former chief executive and former chief financial officer of CBL Insurance have been charged with fraud.

Christopher Wright

Christopher George Wright has been sentenced to three years and nine months' imprisonment.

David Chung and Others

An investigation relating to Oceania Football Confederation is ongoing.

Donna Grant

Donna Grant has been sentenced for million-dollar fraud.

East Wind

An investigation relating to East Wind Company Ltd is ongoing.

Forestlands NZ Ltd

An investigation relating to Forestlands NZ Ltd is ongoing.

Labour Party Donations

An investigation in relation to donations made to the Labour Party is ongoing.

National Party Donations

The defendants have pleaded not guilty to charges brought by the SFO.

Nikoloff & Gallagher

Two former CERA employees have pleaded not guilty to corruption charges.

Penrich Capital

An investigation has commenced into the affairs of Penrich Capital Limited.

Rasila & Other

A former Auckland Council employee has been sentenced to five and a half months' home detention.

Roger Pikia

Roger Pikia has pleaded not guilty to fraud.

Rural Livestock

John Williams has pleaded not guilty to fraud charges.

The Project

Tapualii Uitime has been sentenced to 25 months' imprisonment.

Vivek Goel & Others

Four people have been charged for allegedly manipulating local government procurement processes for financial gain.