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As a member of the International Public Sector Fraud Forum, we routinely co-develop international leading practice guidance on timely counter fraud topics relevant to Public Sector organisations.

Technical Guide on Fraud in International Aid

International Aid is essential to the global economy. The fraud perpetrated against aid in its many guises is not victimless - it has a clear and immediate impact on life saving projects across the world as well as undermining the hard work of those involved from taxpayers onward. Tackling the epidemic of fraud is essential for security, credibility and to ensure all funds have the impact intended.

A Guide to Pressure Testing

This guidance is designed to help officials understand what pressure testing is and how it can benefit public bodies in their efforts to manage fraud and other integrity risks.

A Guide to Procurement Fraud

This guide brings together content and insight from experts across the fraud, audit and accountancy disciplines to create a technical guide for those working in or assuring their organisations procurement processes. It provides guidance on understanding, assessing, identifying, preventing and detecting fraud in the procurement process.

Understanding The Total Impact of Fraud

The impacts of fraud and corruption are more than just financial, particulary in public sector organisations. This guide provides a comprehensive view of the nine impacts, alongside international case studies and questions to help you “self-check” your programmes.

Managing Fraud For Public Bodies

Several counter fraud and anti-corruption practices and principles are relevant to the public sector across our Five Eyes partners.

This guide details general practices and the practices across risk, prevention, detection and measurement, response, capability and leadership; provides red flags to watch out for; and provides high-level guidance on managing investigations.

Fraud In Emergency Management And Recovery

Preparedness is vital in any emergency management and recovery scenario.  This guide focuses on time-critical aspects of emergency management and identifies the principles of effectively controlling fraud in this context. 

The guide can help the people leading and rolling out emergency recovery and relief to understand practical ways to reduce the risk of fraud.

Designing Counter Fraud And Corruption Awareness Training For Public Bodies

Effective fraud and corruption awareness programmes are tailored to a specific organisational approach, to mitigate major fraud risks and demonstrate agreed values and behaviours.  This guide highlights what you need to think about as you plan, design, develop and evaluate a training programme to meet your organisational needs.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence To Combat Public Sector Fraud

The technology for countering and committing fraud and corruption does not stand still.  The public sector must keep pace with these developments.  This guide reviews the main components of the challenge from artificial intelligence: scope, accuracy, human input, transparency, fairness, and privacy.