Report a fraud

Our operations teams have helped us to identify seven common methods or “personas” that fraudsters adopt when committing financial crimes.

These personas can help you and your organisation to think like a fraudster. They can help you more easily understand the different actions fraudsters use to target government programmes and functions.

Guide to Fraudster Personas

Practical Uses of Fraudster Personas

Use the fraudster personas to identify fraud threats and control vulnerabilities

Use the fraudster personas for internal fraud awareness and public messaging

Use fraudster personas to design fraud resilient programmes

Use fraudster personas as a tool for counter fraud reporting   

Printable fraudster personas cards 

Download and print a copy of our fraudster persona cards. These cards can be used a as a tool for learning, for table-top exercises, or around the office to raise awareness of different fraudster types. 

Recommended print size is A5. 

Printable fraudster personas cards

Video on Fraudster Personas