Report a fraud

Pressure testing is a proactive and proven way of identifying and eliminating blind spots in an organisation. Pressure testing becomes even more important if an organisation shifts to a high trust environment to deliver services quicker with fewer checks, for example when responding to an emergency or crisis.

Pressure Testing Guide

When an organisation or programme knows where it is vulnerable, it is better equipped and informed to prevent fraud. This Guide will help organisations conduct pressure tests on their own countermeasures to better understand their fraud risks and how best to mitigate them.

Pressure Testing Assessment Process

This process document takes goes through the five phases of pressure testing, describing the three types of pressure testing that can be used and details that an organisation should consider throughout the process.

10 Steps to Start Pressure Testing

When starting pressure testing, agencies will benefit from starting small and focusing on a small number of countermeasures using simple methods – these 10 steps are a great way to get you started.