Report a fraud

We may ask you to take part in an interview relating to a matter under investigation.

You can take part in an interview voluntarily. In some circumstances you may be required to attend at a specified place to answer questions under section 9 of the SFO Act. Witnesses may also be required to provide documents, or to supply information, such as bank account details.

If you are interviewed, you will be entitled to have a qualified lawyer present. Statements are recorded in order to provide an accurate and permanent record of what has been said.

You may be permitted to bring a support person who is a friend or family member. Your support person will not be able to answer questions on your behalf.

If the investigation proceeds to a prosecution, a transcript of your interview will be used as the basis for the preparation of a ’formal written statement’. This is the document the prosecutor will use in court. You will be asked to sign any formal written statement and confirm the information contained within it is accurate.

You are entitled to request a transcript of an interview you participate in and your request will be considered by the Director.