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We consider several matters before making a public statement on a case.

Case Studies Guide

  • Investigation

    The SFO confirms an investigation when appropriate. The SFO may confirm an investigation if the agency's involvement in a matter has been made public or if public cooperation is needed. However, usually the SFO makes an announcement only after charges have been filed.

  • Prosecution

    A prosecution starts when charges are filed. The SFO normally issues a media release soon after charges are filed, when a guilty plea is entered and after sentencing. With regard to a trial, a media release is issued when a verdict is given and at the time of sentencing.

  • Closed

    After a case that has been made public is closed, it remains on the SFO website for 12 months. All recently concluded prosecutions can be found in the closed category as well as recently concluded investigations that were made public and did not proceed to prosecution.