Report a fraud

The Serious Fraud Office must be careful not to say anything that might compromise an ongoing investigation or a matter that is proceeding through the Court.

The following matters are considered when the SFO decides whether to issue a public statement:

  • public interest
  • reputational damage or harm to individuals or businesses under investigation
  • level of detail required to ensure high levels of accuracy in reporting
  • other information which is in the public arena – e.g. confirmation of a referral to the SFO by another agency
  • investigations into the relevant matter by other organisations
  • Solicitor-General guidelines – Media Protocol for Prosecutors

The SFO will not generally comment on an investigation until the point where charges (if any) are


A statement that the SFO is investigating a person or entity can cause damage which cannot be
remedied, even where it is later decided there is insufficient evidence to commence proceedings.