Report a fraud

The SFO is interested in receiving any information that may assist in the detection of serious and complex fraud, bribery or corruption.

Before making a complaint, please read the following information to assist you in understanding the complaint process and what we do:

Make a complaint

We encourage contact at an early stage of potential offending, in order to mitigate any losses which may arise.

To make a complaint to the SFO, please submit your complaint using our online complaint form or send an email to

If you are concerned your employer has not distributed the COVID-19 wage subsidy appropriately, please email Employment New Zealand at

Our Contact Centre is no longer taking calls due to Covid-19. A temporary measure has been established for complainants who need to speak to us in person. Please be advised that our capacity to speak to complainants on the phone is very limited. If you are able, please report complaints through the online complaint form or by email. You may telephone us on 0800 109 800 between 9am and 3pm only Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

What happens next

We will evaluate whether your complaint fits our criteria for commencing an investigation. By law we must meet specific evidence-based thresholds before the Director can approve an investigation.

We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint, where possible, within 30 working days.

If your complaint does not meet our threshold, we will advise the appropriate agency to contact and/or refer it on to one of our partner agencies for consideration.

The other lead agencies that investigate and prosecute financial crime include:

  • NZ Police - fraud, money laundering and crime proceeds recovery
  • IRD - tax evasion and other revenue offences
  • Financial Markets Authority - insider trading, misleading financial advice and misleading prospectus disclosure.