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The Fraud Risk Self-Assessment Scan is a free online tool specifically designed to support public sector organisations. It has been developed by the Counter Fraud Centre to empower organisations to proactively identify potential areas of fraud risk within their organisations.

Self-Assessment Tool

Begin your journey in Fraud Risk Assessment with confidence, even if you're new to the field. This tool provides an excellent starting point for individuals tasked with assessing fraud risks in their organisation, especially those that have little experience in this area. The results give you a fraud risk score, indicating the potential risk your organisation might face based on your responses.

It’s also helpful for those looking to boost their knowledge of countering fraud.

Please note that these questions do not cover all potential risks but are designed to help organisations begin thinking about potential fraud scenarios. If your organisation already has strong counter fraud measures, this tool might not provide significant new insights.

It's important to understand that the results generated by this tool are based on the information you provide and are not a guaranteed of risk score and rating. Use these results as a starting point for further analysis and decision-making as part of your organisation's fraud prevention efforts.

Getting Started

Completing this self-scan is quick, easy, and only takes a few minutes.

To respond to the questions, simply check the box next to the statement that best fits your situation. For some questions, you can choose more than one option. This allows you to select all the options that apply to you.

Please note you must complete your self-assessment in one sitting —you can't save your information to come back to it later.

No need to worry if you're unsure about certain answers. Simply provide the information you currently have, and jot down any questions you may have about fraud risks to explore further on. The results page will provide information to help you understand the potential fraud risks your organisation might face.

Terms & Conditions

Please take a moment to review the terms and conditions of the self-assessment tool.


This scan indicates an informal fraud risk exposure score based on the answers to a limited number of questions.  There may be other areas not covered by the scan that result in additional fraud risk.  The scan result should be considered as indicative and informational only, with the intention being that you can compare different risk elements and understand the potential risk for each of your responses.   It is important to note that the results produced by the tool should not be used as a substitute for a formal audit or as a means to provide assurance regarding your fraud risk assessment.  We recommend a comprehensive Fraud Risk Assessment even if your indicative score is Low Risk.

Any information and recommendations in the result commentary are provided as guidance only. You should consider and/or implement as appropriate, based on the outcome of a comprehensive Fraud Risk Assessment or equivalent.  The information and recommendations are not intended to be legal or financial advice.

I’ve done the scan – now what?

Start by using the results and your organisation's information as a beginning point to understand your exposure to fraud risks and pinpoint areas to prioritise in your Fraud Risk Assessment. You have the option to save and print your results. If you opt not to, you won't be able to access them later, and you'll need to redo the assessment. Please note that since the responses are anonymous, we cannot provide your results if you lose them.

These results can serve as a starting point for creating an action plan to conduct your Fraud Risk Assessment.

You can also refer to the CFC's Fraud Risk Assessment(external link) guide which is a useful tool for carrying out fraud risk assessments in the public sector. The guide uses best practices across various sectors and can be customised to suit your needs.

Taking a self-assessment can be a helpful initial step to get a general sense of your potential fraud risk. However, it's important to note that a self-assessment might not be as precise as conducting a thorough Fraud Risk Assessment.

If you have your results, work in the public sector and you're not sure what to do next, don't hesitate to contact our team for assistance at